A Month of Gratitude 

This month, we celebrate Memorial Day, a very important day in our country. With honor and respect, we remember the men and women who lost their lives serving our country in the United States Armed Forces. Many years ago, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day as citizens would place flowers and wreaths on the graves of those members of the United States military who made the ultimate sacrifice. These were true warriors in our nation and people who fought for our freedoms to keep us safe. We must always remember them ... CONTINUE READING

Retirement Phases

We spend years preparing for retirement — working with a financial planner to develop a plan to build up security and protection in our retirement years, holding down a career, and saving money in a variety of retirement accounts. But, once we finally reach our golden years, many of us haven’t spent any time preparing ourselves mentally for the lifestyle and mindset changes to come ... CONTINUE READING

Hate Souvenir Shopping? Let’s Make It Easy 

A way to preserve or share a piece of your trip is to bring home a souvenir, but choosing a souvenir isn’t always a stress-free experience. How do you pick the perfect souvenir and not just the first thing you see in a tourist shop? Here are some tips for picking a truly meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones ... CONTINUE READING

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