National Get Up Day

Every month, while sorting through topics to discuss in the newsletter, I take a look at the calendar of events, and it just so happens that Feb. 1 is National Get Up Day. It’s a day that focuses on the importance of getting back up when you stumble or fall down. Getting back up may just mean that when you’re knocked down, it’s time to review and strategize ... CONTINUE READING

Why This NYC Attraction Became Illegal  

If you were an immigrant who just arrived to New York City in the 1880s and had at least 10 cents, you could rent a pushcart and become a business owner ... CONTINUE READING

Eat Smart While Abroad

Enjoying some food abroad? It can be tough to feel like the odd one out, and restaurant etiquette can vary widely across country borders. Here are five things to keep in mind while exploring the cuisine in new places ... CONTINUE READING

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