Grateful, Thankful, and Blessed

The season of thanks and giving has arrived along with cool, crisp temperatures, pumpkin spice, and seasonal cheer. Thanksgiving commemorates the autumn harvest feast in 1621 between the Plymouth colonists and the Native Americans. Every year, Thanksgiving offers a time for us to get together and celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones while sharing our gratitude for life’s blessings ... CONTINUE READING

Comparison Shop Like a Champ This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be expensive. Sure, you might describe this time of year with less cynical words like “magical” or “warm,” but unfortunately, most stores don’t accept magic or warmth as legal tender. Whether it be for gifts or for holiday meals and treats, most people want to get the most for their money while saving their time and energy  ... CONTINUE READING

Why You Should Visit New England for Thanksgiving

Last year, travel restrictions kept many families from gathering together in their homes for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, it appears that people will be able to travel freely to most locations. While a “destination Thanksgiving” might not be something you’ve ever considered, for some families, it can ... CONTINUE READING

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