Wealth Management Is Different for Women — Here’s Why 

When we look at the reasons that women older than 55 need to have a different wealth management strategy than men do, we can trace those differences back to one statistic that stands above the others: The average woman lives 3–5 years longer than the average man. Because of this, 75% of married women will become widows in their lifetimes — numbers straight from the Social Security Administration  ... CONTINUE READING

Apps That Help You Snack Smarter

Sometimes going grocery shopping can leave you feeling more like a detective than a human just trying to feed yourself and your family. Sleuthing down the snack aisle brings up questions about whether gluten-free means “good” and whether no added sugars means ... CONTINUE READING

Family Day!

Who doesn't love a good ol’ fashioned Family Picnic with the smells of barbecue in the air, kids running around, fun games and activities, and great memories made? Over this past year, we have missed spending time with our own families as well as our extended family, YOU, our clients. I am so excited to have you join us at our First Annual Campbell Wealth Family Day Picnic on Friday, Aug. 20, at Lake Fairfax Park ... CONTINUE READING

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