Horsing Around Over the Summer 

Isn't it funny how we find new hobbies and interests, even as we get older? I know people can get stuck in their ways as they age, but my personal experience has been just the opposite. Older Americans, especially retired people with a little time on their hands, frequently pick up new activities and find things to stay busy with. I've been inspired by my clients that way, so although I’m still working, I also have remained open to the possibility of new hobbies  ... CONTINUE READING

Even Retirees Should Check Credit Regularly

When you are retired, it’s tempting to think of debt, loans, and credit scores as things of the past — after all, you have to live long enough for them to make you pay, right?! We've heard that attitude from a number of older people — and we've had to help more than a few of them rectify a bad situation 15 years into retirement ... CONTINUE READING

5 Wacky Pizza Trends From Around the World

Here in the U.S., pineapple is considered a wild and controversial pizza topping. Even celebrities take a stand. Justin Bieber is pro-pineapple, but Jimmy Kimmel is against it. According to a 2019 YouGov Omnibus study, only anchovies and eggplant are more hated. But in other parts of the world, the tangy yellow fruit is far from the strangest topping ... CONTINUE READING

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