How a Referral Changed Gail's Future

Sometimes, you don't realize the advice you're currently getting isn’t in your best interest until you get a second opinion. We recently started working with a new client who I'll call Gail. She was referred to us by an attorney I'm acquainted with. Gail was one of his clients, and he felt she could use our service ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Whitney Burches

Whitney joined Campbell Wealth in August as a Client Service Associate. She was born and raised in rural Utah but later moved to northern Virginia in 2020 with her husband and son. She recently made a career change from the technology industry to the financial services industry. This shift is closely tied to her passion for connecting with and helping people through life transitions ... CONTINUE READING

For the First Time, a Vegan Restaurant Gets a Michelin Star

It's difficult to take animal products out of French cuisine and replace them with lemongrass, seaweed, and fir (yes, the tree). French meals are generally meat-centric, featuring vegetables solely as a side dish. And, even with no meat, how do you cut out cheese ... CONTINUE READING

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