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A Few Thoughts on Health, Wealth, and Fulfillment


The coronavirus caught a lot of us by surprise. People with compromised immune systems and other health issues have had to figure out how to navigate the world in new ways. Many people found themselves out of a job with no prospects on the horizon. As a result of it all, a lot of people have not been enjoying life for the past few months. They don’t feel fulfilled … CONTINUE READING

What to Do With All Those Boxes


As more people opt for online shopping, the number of home deliveries is skyrocketing. Almost every item ordered comes in its own cardboard box, and nearly 20% of these boxes end up in landfills, while the other 80% require significant amounts of energy to recycle. Here are four ways to reuse those boxes instead of just tossing them out … CONTINUE READING

Stay Accountable With a Virtual Wellness Challenge


A lot of people struggle to keep up with a regular wellness routine because they lack accountability to hold them to it. Whether it's exercise, meditation, or healthy eating, if you go through the process alone, it's that much harder to will yourself to see it through. But at a time when isolation is still one of the best ways to stay healthy … CONTINUE READING

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