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At Campbell Wealth Management, we create a sense of retirement certainty for our clients. Obviously, in personal finance, there will always be elements of the unpredictable. What if a sick grandchild needs your help with medical expenses? What if you and your spouse get a sudden urge to move to Europe for a few years? Managed intelligently, though, life’s twists and turns do not have to throw you off track. Our process—honed over more than two decades of practical experience—is designed to give you confidence.

Whether you’re at retirement age or approaching the big milestone, we can help you achieve financial security and freedom. Here’s our Right on Retirement Process:

1. Income and Tax Planning

Social Security Maximization
Detailed expense analysis
Earmarked accounts to fund necessary and discretionary expenses
Coordination of tax and legal professionals to evaluate tax savings strategies
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Analysis

2. Investment Management

“Progress and Protect” strategy engineered specifically for retirees
Daily tracking of your portfolio to help prevent surprises
Investment expense analysis to prevent hidden fees
Risk alignment assessment to ensure you’re not taking on too much volatility

3. Legacy and Intergenerational Planning

Review basic documents (Wills, Trusts, POA, AMD)
Goal and Beneficiary alignment assessment
Annual review of account titling and beneficiary designations
Gift and Estate strategies to maximize legacy

4. Risk Management

Life and long-term care insurance needs analysis
Full audit of auto, home and liability policies from well-vetted, third-party, independent firms
Medicare needs and premium analysis

5. Women's Planning

Spousal Lifestyle Continuity
Income and investment strategies based on longer life expectancies
Insurance and needs analysis based on your unique circumstances
Goal-based planning to fulfill your dreams

Ready to get on the path toward retirement certainty? Call Campbell Wealth Management at (703) 535-5300 for a strategic consultation to get Right on Your Retirement™ today.

How Our Process Benefits You

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The Campbell Wealth Management process is designed specifically to help people who are at retirement or near retirement. It eliminates the uncertainty that creates anxiety and puts you on a glide path to making the most of the next several decades. Here are three common benefits:

1. The Process Allows You to Live Spontaneously.

Retirement is not about sitting around in a rocking chair all day. It certainly can be, if you want, of course. But most people want more. They want to have the freedom to travel to amazing places; the flexibility to pursue hobbies that had been shelved; the ability to contribute to family and community; and the capacity to plan their own time. The only way you can truly feel comfortable doing these things is if you have a rock solid plan. As a bestselling author, David Allen, put it “it’s hard to be fully creative without structure and constraint. Try to paint without a canvas. Creativity and freedom are two sides of the same coin.”

2. It Prepares for the Unexpected.

President Eisenhower once observed that, paradoxically, "in preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." Here’s what he meant by that quote. The real benefit of creating a plan is not its rigid action steps or a hard copy version. These may need to be changed because of circumstances. A good plan helps because it prepares you to react intelligently and spontaneously in the face of new information.

For instance, let’s say that, in the middle of Year 4 of your retirement, you and your spouse get an itch to do a wine country tour of Australia. This trip was not in your plan or in your budget. If you felt out of control about your finances, you’d probably turn down the opportunity. Even if you went, you’d have a nagging sense of guilt during the trip. But if you had a retirement plan in place—one that could be easily amended with the help of the team at Campbell Wealth Management—you’d enjoy guilt-free travel!

Retirement is full of setbacks and serendipities: our plan protects you against the dangers and lets you seize the fun life offers you.

3. It Lets You Set Up a Powerful Legacy

Researchers have documented both emotional and physical benefits from charitable giving. Taking care of the next generation (the right way) means more than just setting aside assets for your children. Creating a legacy requires strategic thought, mindful awareness and clear values. Our plan will make sure your hard-won wealth supports the people and causes you love.

Ready to begin your retirement journey? Call the professionals at Campbell Wealth Management for insights into your next steps: (703) 535-5300.


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