What Gets You Outside This Summer? Campbell Wealth

During your working years, you may have relished the few hours you had in the summers after work to be outside, get fresh air, and enjoy the summer weather. Unless it was a weekend or a vacation, you might not have had the time to do the hobbies you enjoyed and take advantage of all that a nice summer’s day has to offer.

But now that you’re in retirement, you don’t have to wait for your ration of time to enjoy life each week. You have the freedom to do the activities you once gazed out the window of your office and wished you were doing. And don’t forget that physical activity and fresh air are good for your physical and mental health!

Summer Hobbies That Keep You Active

Now that you’re in retirement, you’re able to do more of what you want and less of what you have to. But that change can be a big adjustment, so why not start small? This summer, schedule some time in your day to get outside to go for a stroll around the block.

If you’re active and enjoy the outdoors, summer is a great time to get active outdoors with something like hiking! You may have done this when you were younger, but now that you’re retired, you can take more time to appreciate the great outdoors. And since it’s summertime, hiking can be a great family activity for when the kids and grandkids are home for the summer.

If you’re looking for something even more adventurous, give kayaking a go! Like hiking, many state parks will have kayaks you can rent for you and the family to have a fun summer day. What better way to take in a summer day than by going kayaking out on a lake or river?

Need to Unwind? Do it Outside in the Fresh Air!

We aren’t all rugged outdoorsmen. And even if we are, we also enjoy the time we have to relax and unwind. Think back to those summer days when you were in your office or workplace, gazing out the window, wishing you could simply be outside. Well, now you can!

If you have ever considered painting or woodworking, why do it inside on a beautiful day? Open up the garage door and let the fresh air in when you’re working on your new craft. And if you’re a painter, bring your easel outside if you haven’t already done so!

If you were thinking of getting back to that book you were reading or have been meaning to start, why not find a bench or bring a chair outside and enjoy the weather while you enjoy reading your favorite stories.

This is all to say that your summers in retirement are nothing to take for granted. When the weather is nice, there are so many enjoyable activities to do yourself or to plan for with friends and family. But the first step in protecting your retirement so you can live it with comfort is to talk to us to make sure your retirement plan is protected so you can focus on enjoying tour summer days instead of worrying about your retirement finances. Click HERE to sign up for a time to meet us at Campbell Wealth Management.