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Mirela Tsai

Director of Marketing
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Mirela Tsai serves as the Director of Marketing, responsible for developing marketing initiatives to effectively communicate with our clients and community. Mirela is responsible for development and execution of the annual marketing plan, with a focus on marketing, event management and project management. She is dedicated to both the short and long term goals of the firm and strictly focuses on the success of each initiative. She has an eager drive to learn and is focused on understanding the big picture, while also considering the intricate details.

Mirela is dedicated to propelling all of the marketing initiatives forward and is very hands on when it comes to projects. Mirela is personable and outgoing which has created a comfortable environment for our clients and staff. She is working to create a procedural structure which will help establish brand awareness and highlight our dedication to our clients.

Mirela is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She is an avid volleyball player and a frequent participant in charity runs. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Vince, family and two dogs, Cody and Chase.


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Named by Barron's as the 22nd Top Wealth Advisor in Virginia