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A Busy Year Ahead for the Campbell Family

The time is quickly approaching for our oldest son, Connor, to leave for the University of Maryland. And he may be off sooner rather than later. His coach, Rob Vaughn, advised the incoming freshman baseball players to sign up for summer classes. He wants them to be ready for the ... CONTINUE READING


Are You Committing a Facebook Faux Pas?

Are you ready to set out on a grand adventure? It’s time to break the bad news to your grandkids: Social media isn't just for them. A study from the Pew Research Center found that 47 percent of baby boomers are using social media. Facebook in particular proves to be an excellent resource for adults moving through the later stages of life. This social media platform helps keep you ... CONTINUE READING


Getaways to Fantasize About

Do you pine for a bygone era? Do you long for an escape from the ordinary? If so, these three destinations are for you. Step out of your fast-paced world and step into a world of leisure and romance. Live as an artist, a wanderer, and step into one of these real-world ... CONTINUE READING

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