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Weathering the Storm


When a hurricane comes, it's never a surprise. These storms are tracked for several days before they make landfall, giving residents a chance to prepare.

Other types of storms, like tornadoes, can appear with little to no warning. One moment, there's nothing, and the next … CONTINUE READING

Preparing Your Finances for Recession


If you've been paying attention to the news, you know economists are talking. There is concern that a recession is on the horizon. After a decade of market prosperity, we're overdue for a downturn, but the question is are you financially prepared to weather … CONTINUE READING

Learn About Your Gut-Brain Axis


While it may seem strange to think about, the human stomach is truly a thing of wonder. Most humans only acknowledge its digestive processes, but the gut plays a much more influential role in our day-to-day lives than simply breaking down food for nutrient production; it is closely connected to our emotional states, as well … CONTINUE READING

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