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Navigating Life's Transitions


This month, we're doing something a little different. Instead of the monthly cover letter from Kelly Campbell, we're shifting the spotlight to Kim Campbell! As you may know, Kim is CWM's Director of Finance and Kelly's wife and longtime business partner.

I've been with Campbell Wealth Management … CONTINUE READING

Dispelling 2 Money Myths


1. It's best for one member of the household to manage the finances. It's not uncommon for one person in a household to be the one who pays the bills and manages all the accounts. Many people don't necessarily enjoy being involved in the finances, so by default, one person shoulders the responsibility. While this arrangement may work for a while, it can be a source of long-term problems … CONTINUE READING

Stay in a Real Castle


Every year, tourists flock to Disney's "Magic Kingdom" and marvel at Cinderella's iconic castle. As fun as it is to see this Florida-based attraction, it would be even more magical to step back in time and visit a real medieval citadel. What if you could walk the same ramparts as Roman legionnaires and climb the same towers as French kings? If this idea gives you goosebumps, pack your bags … CONTINUE READING

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