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To a Healthy, Happy New Year!


The start of a new year is a time of beginnings. It's about making positive changes and resolutions. But even with all this talk of change and setting goals, a lot of people don't follow through. By the middle of February, about 80 percent of people have given up or forgotten about their resolutions ... CONTINUE READING

Spending Tips for Older Adults


When it comes to retirement and finances, there's enough material about saving to fill a library. You see commercials on TV showing one tiny domino gradually becoming a massive tower, you hear advice from coworkers and family members, and you read books and articles on the topic. Much less attention, however, is paid to how to spend those savings once you’re actually retired ... CONTINUE READING

Put MLK Jr.'s Message of Love Into Practice


In many of his speeches and sermons, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about love. He wasn't talking about the romantic kind, though. King often used the term "agape," an Ancient Greek word used to refer to the unconditional love of God for man, to talk about universal love for all people, regardless of race, religion ... CONTINUE READING

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