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Meet Your Kids and Grandkids on Their Terms


Many of our clients have grandkids, and I've heard how challenging it can be to really connect with younger generations. As a parent, there are times when I'm with my kids and I think to myself, "We live in such different worlds."" They have their interests and passions, and I have mine. But I've gotten better at connecting with them … CONTINUE READING

CMW Recognized by the Financial Times


Campbell Wealth Management is pleased to announce it has been named in the 2019 edition of the Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers. The list recognizes top independent … CONTINUE READING

Not Your Average Vacation Lodgings


When Airbnb was founded a little over a decade ago, the developers hoped to provide an alternative to traditional travel accommodations. Today, with annual revenue in the billions, the service is an industry unto itself. While most people use Airbnb to "live like a local" while traveling, you can find some truly wacky lodging options if you spend some time searching the platform. Here are just a few of the … CONTINUE READING

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