Covid-19 has brought the subject of death, and how to deal with it, front and center for both financial advisors and their clients, according to Kelly Campbell, president of Campbell Wealth Management in Alexandria, Va. Advisors who lose clients who are close to them have to deal with their own grief, while, at other times, they need to help clients deal with deaths in the clients’ families, Campbell said.

“The coronavirus pandemic has made death a regular discussion item around households. For the advisory industry, given the nature of the business and the average age of clientele, death is a regular course of business now,” he said. “In death, it is important for advisors to recognize they can play a crucial role in helping families and beneficiaries.”

Most of the clients of Campbell Wealth Management, which has $600 million in assets under management, are 55 or older, which is a vulnerable population for Covid-19. Campbell and his advisors do a financial plan when they bring clients on board. Read More