Junk or Treasure? Tips for Decluttering Your Home Campbell Wealth Management

If you’ve lived in the same place for many years, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated some treasures, as well as some junk. It can be hard to distinguish between the two, especially if you’re prone to holding onto things. If you need to clear some space, consider these tips for decluttering your home.

Focus on One Area at a Time

For example, take it one clothing type at a time, moving from shoes to casual wear to business wear. It’s easier to figure out which pairs of jeans to get rid of if you’re looking at all your jeans at once. If there are two items that are very similar to each other, consider donating one of them. As you go through each item, separate it into bins: A bin for dirty laundry, a bin of clothes that need to be repaired or dry cleaned, and a donation bin. It can also be nice to think about if there are any clothes in good condition that you can gift to friends or family.

Be Realistic

Will you really fix those broken items or re-upholster those old chairs someday? Chances are, if you haven’t already done it or you already own replacement items, you probably won’t. It’s ok to get rid of things that are beyond repair or that you don’t know how to repair. Make your number one goal be getting rid of clutter, not saving the things that once worked.

Create New Plans for the Space 

It can be hard to envision an empty space when it’s been full of clutter for so long. It can be exciting to re-imagine the space instead. Perhaps a cluttered office can fit a bigger desk once those old boxes are removed. Or, maybe there’s a space in your home for a home office that’s currently taken up by things that don’t need to be there. Some people are doing post-COVID decluttering and can use the extra space for a home office or reading nook. By having something to look forward to after everything is cleared away, you can be more motivated during the decluttering process.

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