Our investment management team actively manages passive, low cost, indexed investments. Most of our portfolios are made up of Exchange Traded Funds or ETF’s. We utilize a dynamic strategy that is meant to mitigate downside exposure. This strategy called Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance is designed to systematically move assets from equities to fixed income as markets become less favorable and conversely increase equity exposure as they become more attractive. We are not market timers and we are not looking to beat the market. Our goal is to match the appropriate benchmark with less downside exposure so you aren’t taking big losses as you live off of your investments. Campbell Wealth is different than most of its local competitors in that our CFP’s do not manage our portfolios. We have a Portfolio Manager who is a Chartered Financial Analyst and an investment management team that do nothing but monitor and manage our portfolios. That way you can feel comfortable knowing your portfolio is always under a watchful eye.