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Weekly Market Commentary November 19, 2018

admin November 20th, 2018

Keep your eyes on the horizon. Motion sickness happens when your body receives conflicting signals from your eyes, ears, and other body parts. One way to manage the anxiety and queasiness that accompany the condition is by keeping your eyes on the horizon.

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Weekly Market Commentary November 12, 2018

admin November 12th, 2018

How are you feeling about financial markets? Some votes are still being counted but investors appear to be happy with the outcome of mid-term elections. Major U.S. stock indices in the United States moved higher last week, and the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Sentiment Survey reported:

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Weekly Market Commentary November 5, 2018

admin November 6th, 2018

Stocks recovered some ground last week and then stumbled over unemployment. Major U.S. stock indices faltered Friday after the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on a popular ‘lagging’ economic indicator – unemployment.

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Weekly Market Commentary October 29, 2018

admin October 29th, 2018

Why did the stock market fall when the economy is doing well? The answer is that one reflects the past and the other anticipates the future.

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Weekly Market Commentary October 22, 2018

admin October 23rd, 2018

The world remains full of opportunities and challenges. Although we’ve seen global markets moving in tandem in recent years, Sara Potter of FactSet pointed out, “…we’re starting to see the end of the synchronized global growth that has prevailed over the last two years. While the U.S. economy remains strong, growth in Europe and Japan is moderating, and emerging markets are under increasing economic and financial market pressure.”

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Weekly Market Commentary October 15, 2018

admin October 16th, 2018

Like an unexpected gust of wind that blows the hat off your head or flips your umbrella inside out, last week’s stock market performance startled investors.

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Weekly Market Commentary September 24, 2018

admin September 24th, 2018

Did you hear the news? A tech company introduced a microwave you can turn on using Wi-Fi – as long as you have one of the company’s voice assistants at home, reported Kaitlyn Tiffany of Vox. Soon, the voice assistants will be built with neural networks that will formulate hunches about whether their owners might like to be reminded to lock the door or turn off a device. Some people love the idea. Others don’t.

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Wealthy financial advisors

Weekly Market Commentary September 17, 2018

admin September 17th, 2018

All investors are consumers, but not all consumers are investors. The September installment of University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment Survey reported Americans are feeling pretty optimistic.

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