Happy retired couple with dogAre you at or near retirement age, yet facing an uncertain future?

Perhaps you’re physically exhausted from years of working hard and supporting your children. Maybe you’re excited by the prospect of finally getting to travel or relocate to a new place. In any case, retirement marks a profound life shift. You can’t change the past—all the decisions, financial and otherwise, made over the decades. But you can command your future. We’re here to help.

Help For People About To Retire

At Campbell Wealth Management, we work primarily with people who are at this crossroad. A big change is coming. You need insight and guidance to handle this change intelligently.

Common Retirement Challenges

Everyone’s situation is obviously different. However, in our two decades of experience working with the soon-to-be retired, we’ve observed common themes and concerns, such as:

  • Do you have enough money to live the way you want to live?
  • What happens if you get sick or other unexpected things happen?
  • How do you know which investment and savings tools to use—and when and how to get maximum benefits from them?
  • What can you afford to give to your children and grandchildren?

These sources of instability can be stressful! They can lead to unproductive worrying. That’s why Campbell Wealth Management’s process focuses on eliminating uncertainty through intelligent, customized planning.

How We Get You There

Happy retired couple with champagne If you’re not ready to face retirement securely, you are not alone, and we can help you feel better. If you’ve done a lot of the legwork already, by contrast, and you’re feeling optimistic about your finances and future, that’s wonderful. Let’s build on that. Irrespective of where you fall on the spectrum, here’s how we can help:

  • We will thoroughly inventory your current situation. We’ll take a look at your holdings, income and expenses, along with your expected income once you retire
  • We will highlight areas that need improvement. We’ll provide an honest view of your current and expected financial situation, identifying areas of concern
  • We will recommend customized solutions—based on your needs and values. Maybe you need to restructure your finances and investments to focus on growing your wealth. Maybe you need to plan out when and how to take Social Security benefits. We’ll help you create that plan
  • We will collaborate with you and help bring your retirement plan to life. Your customized life plan will address all the important aspects of a successful retirement: income, investments, health strategies and legacy strategies. And we’ll update it with you, every year, as your values and needs evolve

Help For Women About To Retire

Business woman about to retireIf you’re a woman facing retirement alone, you need to plan carefully to ensure your assets and income can carry you comfortably through your golden years. To meet this challenge, we can conduct a full analysis of your holdings and income streams, identify vulnerable areas and recommend investment strategies to build your wealth—even during retirement. From this information, we work with you to develop a customized life plan specifically designed to meet your financial goals.

We Put You Back in Control

One of the scariest things about approaching retirement age is feeling like money (or lack thereof) somehow controls your future. Nonsense. You control your future. At Campbell Wealth Management, we provide you the tools you need to take 100 percent control of your wealth and your destiny. For more information, give us a call today at (703) 782-5058 or request a consultation online.