Retirement Certainty Scorecard™

Indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the statements below.

I have a clear, written and actionable retirement plan that shows my current financial position (Point A) and my ultimate future (Point B) and sets a path to get from A to B.


I review my written retirement plan each and every year and adjust it for changes in my life. I stress test my plan's viability by changing variables for the worst case scenario.


I know exactly what my personal required rate of return (PRROR) is that will allow me to achieve all of my retirement goals. I plan my investment strategy around and work toward that PRROR.


I have an investment plan which focuses an equal amount of time on making money as it does on not losing it, simultaneously advancing and protecting my assets.


I know that I am utilizing independent advice and strategies which specifically fit my individual situation.


I review all of my investments each and every year based on how the market and economy are responding and make adjustments and/or rebalances at least annually or as needed.


I am confident with all of my insurances knowing that the way they are positioned and funded will protect me and my family for any unforeseen negative events.


I am confident that my estate planning documents and beneficiary designations are all set up to maximize the benefits that my family receives.


I am well qualified or utilizing professionals that are well qualified to give the best possible advice for my retirement, investment, estate and tax planning.


My retirement planning is set up (by me or my advisor) in a way that requires little daily, weekly or monthly attention so that I can enjoy life to its fullest.

As I consider everything that will allow me to live most comfortably during my retirement, the thing that keeps me up at night is:

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The Real Scoop on Student Loan Interest for Boomers’ Kids

So your kids have Student Loans and you are getting a little concerned about what the government has done to interest rates. Well for those with existing loans, don’t worry. The new rates will not affect them. For those who plan to take out a loan for the 2014 fall semester and later, those kids will get a break as their loan interest rate just got cut in half.


President Obama signed into law legislation that locked the Federal Student Loan interest rate which was set to increase (as of July 1st) from 3.4% to 6.8%.) The new law has tied the rate to the ten year treasury. Now students know what their long term loan rate will be even after they graduate. This makes it easier to plan for post graduate expenses.


Below is a table that shows whose loan is subject to what rate.


Type of Loan Interest Rates
Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans (undergrads) Fixed at 3.86%
Direct Unsubsidized Loans (graduate/professional students) Fixed at 5.41%
Direct PLUS Loans (parents and graduate/professional students) Fixed at 6.41%


Ok, Ok but what does that mean to your kids? That is the real question.


First and foremost, for those that are still in school, it does not mean much because as long as they are taking classes, their payments are being deferred (except for PLUS Loans). But once they graduate, that original rate will kick in and they will begin making payments based on that rate. While this percentage is likely to stay somewhat constant over the next two years, it will almost definitely rise after that. That rise could be substantial. The law also sets maximums on the loan rates for undergrad, graduate and Plus loan programs at 8.25%, 9.5% and 10.5% respectively.


Second, let’s put it in dollar terms. The table below shows the average payment for a student based on a $10,000 and $20,000 debt level after graduation.


Subsidized debt after grace period Payment based on old rate of 6.8% Payment based on new rate of 3.4% Payment based on a max increase to 9.5% (grads)
$10,000 $115.08/mo $98.42/mo $129.40/mo
$20,000 $230.16/mo $196.84/mo $258.80/mo


So the thing to be thinking about is how your kids will be able to repay their loans when their payment period begins. Also for those Boomers’ kids who will be taking on more debt over the next few years, as the ten year treasury increases, so will their payment amount. Good luck and be sure your kids get a job quickly after they graduate… so they won’t be living at home forever.


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